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Beauty Myth Busting! 🔍

When it comes to beauty myths and advice there is so much floating around it’s hard to know exactly what to believe. Like most people, we want to make sure that our skincare and beauty habits are efficient. No one wants to waste their time or money doing and buying things that straight up don’t work or are causing you more harm than good! These beauty myths are about to be busted wide open!


Another beauty myth that is commonly believed is that hypoallergenic products are better for sensitive skin. Now, we’ll forgive you for believing this one… because why wouldn’t you? The term ‘hypoallergenic would surely insinuate that the ingredients within the product are suitable for anyone with sensitized or allergy prone skin types… think again. Unfortunately, there are no regulations around the word ‘hypo-allergenic’ so it essentially means nothing and is unfortunately more often than not, used as a marketing ploy. If you do have sensitive skin, look for products that are fragrance free and are more focused on skin soothing ingredients.


One common beauty myth is that tanning beds are safer to use than outdoor tanning. We cannot stress enough how far this is from the truth. Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers there is, and it claims the lives of hundreds of thousands of people every. single. year. The myth that this form of tanning is safer is not only false, but extremely dangerous. Tanning beds found within solariums are so dangerous that they have in fact been made illegal in many countries because of the increased cancer risk. Remember, there is nothing ‘healthy’ about a tan. The safest way to get a bronzed glow is through the use of self-tanning products.

P.S Did you know tanning beds are ban in Australia because they are so dangerous?


If you’ve even been told that your makeup is making your acne or breakouts worse you’re not alone. While the wrong type of products definitely can bring on breakouts, a lot of the time, it’s not the actual makeup causing you the breakouts, but not taking the time to remove it effectively. The best way to avoid this is to make sure you have your cleansing routine down pat. A good idea is to incorporate an oil into the first step of your routine to make sure any makeup and sunscreen from the day is properly broken down, removed and not sitting on the skin causing issues.


It’s not a surprise that those with oily skin types might be a little hesitant to use oily products on their skin because that will make their skin oilier right? Wrong! In fact, using beauty oil products could actually have the opposite effect and work to control oils by hydrating and nourishing the skin! Try non-occlusive oils like Rosehip which go on the skin like a dry oil and sink into the skin quickly.

Written by @madelinegrice