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What We're Loving ATM ❤️

It’s been a fun week at James HQ, we have been testing lots of new products and approving some new branding elements which we can’t wait to show you! Here are some of the things we have been loving this week, from music to pillowcases, here's what we recommend you check out!

🎶Music 🎶

Sam – Celine Dion Flying on my Own
Celine is back with a new single and as always, she doesn’t do things by halves, because she released 3 versions of this song, live, studio and a remix. Trust me, it’s a banger!

Courtney - Jonas Brothers – Happiness Begins
I was actually too old when the Jonas Bros first became popular, so I didn’t really know much about them, but after watching their documentary ‘Chasing Happiness’ I was compelled to listen to their new album. I can now say I am a Jonas Brothers fan! Highlight of the album ‘Rollercoaster’

Madeline - Julia Michaels – Inner Monologue Part 2
I always loved the way Julia writes lyrics and she is a very talented musician who has collaborated with a lot of my favourite artists, so I was very excited for her latest instalment and she didn’t disappoint.

Aaron – ERYS (Deluxe) Jaden Smith
The new album from Jaden Smith is incredible! From seeing Jaden open for Post Malone recently, I’ve become a fan and this album cemented my love for him! Songs go from emotional melodies to raps that make you feel powerful.


Emily – The Handmaids Tale
It’s not often I become obsessed with a TV Show, but the minute I started watching this show I was hooked. It’s a confronting yet important story, the writing is leaves you on the edge of your seat and the production is visually stunning. I highly recommend.

Maddie - Glee 
Because everyone needs some Sue Sylvester wisdom in their lives
P.S All seasons of Glee have just landed on Netflix Australia.

Aaron - Stranger Things
After being left a little disappointed after Season 2 of Stranger Things, Season 3 really makes up for it. The writing is so much better and the story had me hooked from the first episode. There are some great new characters introduced, as well as some continued character arcs that really make Season 3 such a great watch!


Courtney – Yesterday
It seems like every movie out at the moment is either about a superhero, a sequel or a remake so it was refreshing to see some creative content! This movie features all the Beatles songs you love and ones you forgot about. It’s funny, sad and has a lot of heart!

Maddie - Crazy Rich Asians
If you’re looking for a fun movie that unexpectedly makes you cry.


Courtney – In The Dark Season 2
If you love a crime podcast as much as I do then you need to listen to In The Dark Season 2! Curtis Flowers has been tried 6 times for the same crime and spent 21 years on death row, but is he actually innocent?

Maddie – The Uncensored Life
If you love pop culture and celeb gossip, then this podcast is for you! Co-owner of James Cosmetics Sam Mangan and Courtney who is part of the James team run the podcast and its full of witty banter and inside info on Hollywood.


Emily – Abrand Jeans
Firstly, I LOVE Good American jeans they are the only ones I own that fit my body perfectly. But I have been on the hunt for some baggy comfy jeans that are still flattering, and I have finally found them! Abrand Jeans are my holy grail comfy jeans when I am just going out for a casual dinner with Dec, they aren’t tight on my thighs and butt and they stay up!

Sam – America’s Got Talent Old Auditions on YouTube
For the past few weeks I’ve been deep in the YouTube rabbit hole and I’m addicted to America’s Got Talent old auditions. Firstly, because Simon Cowell is a great time and secondly because I love an unexpected moment. Here is a link to my favourite at the moment.

Maddie - Silk Pillowcase from Go To Skincare
I love that it doesn’t absorb my skincare and keeps my hair tangle free. It also helps with anti-aging, what more could a girl ask for.



EMILY, 34 - James Cosmetics Co-Owner
“Life is all about balance, a dumbbell in one hand and a chocolate bar in the other 😋”

SAM, 28 – James Cosmetics Co-Owner
“Louis Vuitton, Celine Dion and West Wing, these are a few of my favourite things, I’m also a sucker for skincare products.”

COURTNEY, 32 – James Cosmetics Creative Director
“I’m a TV addict, pop culture fiend, beauty junkie and garlic bread connoisseur.”

MADDIE, 22 – James Cosmetics Social Media
“I love a 90's sit-com and would probably be happy watching them and nothing else till the end of time. I also love a lemon-drop martini, a crisp red lip, funny people and a good pamper evening.”

AARON, 24 – James Cosmetics Videographer
“I’m The Chainsmokers’ biggest fan and will choose a stand-up comedy special over a movie to watch on Netflix every day of the week.”