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James Journal

  • The Hidden Bacteria Giving You Pimples

    Tired of getting pimples and not knowing why? Well we might have the answer and THE SOLUTION!
  • Know Your Skin Type

    Do you know your skin type or having you just been guessing?
  • Tips for Taking the Perfect Selfie from Emily Skye 🤳

    Emily Skye gives you her secrets to taking the perfect selfie! 
  • Steph Claire Smith's Morning Secret Weapon She Can't Live Without

    Find out which product Steph Claire Smith uses every morning on her way to work!
  • Red Carpet Ready Skin!

    Plunging necklines and high cut slits, the red carpet is not for the faint-hearted! If you've ever wondered how the celebs get such smooth skin for the red carpet then you're going to want to read this one! 
  • Ingredient Highlight - Retinol

    Learn all about one of our newest and most powerful ingredients.
  • Our Favourite Exfoliating Products

    We share the exfoliating products you need in your life!
  • 3 Mistakes You're Making With Your Skin!

    Avoiding these 3 skin no no’s will help to keep your skin health on the straight and narrow.
  • What We're Loving ATM ❤️

    Here are some of the things we have been loving this week, from music to pillowcases, here's what we recommend you check out!
  • You glow girl! A Guide to Glowy Skin Using Makeup ✨

    Simple tips to enhance your natural beauty and give your skin that youthful, healthy glow.